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I ain't in this game for a pat on the back, I'm in it for justice."

—Ghost of Dead Justice, Dead Justice

The Ghost of Dead Justice was the disguise of Deputy Bucky, who wanted to discredit Sheriff Bronson Stone and become sheriff himself.

Physical appearance

He wore a wild western sheriff outfit, and his face was mostly skeletal with very little skin covering it. His left eye was red and dark. 


He acted as a vigilante, only interested in justice and not for the awards or fame. He made death threats to those that got in his way.

Powers and abilities

He is able to ride his luminous skeletal-looking steed named Greg with ease. Other than that the only other thing he can do is fire CGI demon bullets.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Deputy Bucky unmasked

Deputy Bucky unmasked.

The Ghost of Dead Justice, he caught the Piranha-Goat, when Fred Jones, Jr.'s trap failed to do so. He then went onto make several arrests that Sheriff Stone was in the middle of making.

He then showed up at the Crimestopper of the Year Awards, just after Mayor Fred Jones, Sr. announced Dead Justice as the winner. Dead Justice declined it, and then stormed off, scaring everyone with his fire-breathing horse.

Just as Mystery Inc. started to investigate, Dead Justice showed up giving them a deathly threat. He then showed up at the Night Ranger's home, who was the prime suspect, and attacked the gang and Sheriff Stone, before being saved by the Night Ranger, himself. Dead Justice then retreated on his horse. Mayor Jones showed up to announce that he was giving Stone's job to Dead Justice (partially because ghost wouldn't have to be paid).

However, Mystery Inc. and Sheriff Stone were able to capture Dead Justice, exposing Bucky for who he really was. He used Sheriff Stone's own hero worship of Will Williamson, the real Dead Justice, to guilt him into quitting the position of Sheriff because he applied for the position dozens of times, but was rejected for constantly getting an "F". He gave him self away by drawing the same designs of the bullets he shot out on his exam papers.[1]


When the Evil Entity was destroyed, it altered all of reality for Crystal Cove; thus the Ghost of Dead Justice wasn't a disguise in the past.[2]



  • He is based in the DC Comics character Jonah Hex.


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