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The Ghost of Chip Braverton was the disguise of Dustin Wallswreath, impersonating the late Gypsy Moths star player, Chip Braverton.

Physical appearance

The Ghost of Chip Braverton was tall and muscular, with glowing gray skin, glowing yellow eyes, and a thick handlebar mustache.


He was aggressive and terrifying, quite unlike the real Chip.

Powers and abilities

He was apparently quite fast as he was able to keep with a baseball cart quite easily. Unlike the real Chip Braverton, he was a poor batter.


Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!

Dustin Wallswreath unmasked

Dustin Wallswreath unmasked.

He was ignorant to how bad of a player he was, and wanted revenge for Jack Turner, the team manager, for firing him, and making him facilities manager of Middleton Baseball Stadium where they played. So he tried to scaring everyone away as the Ghost of Chip Braverton, to force the stadium to close.


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