The Ghost of Captain Pescado was the disguise of Mr. Carp, First Mate of the Sea Prowler. The disguise was based on Francisco Pescado, a captain who went down with the sunken Diablo Doro.

Physical appearance

The ghost of Captain Pescado was a glowing pirate with a red outfit and baggy blue pants. He also had grey hair and bony hands. 


Despite being the ghost of a human, he moaned instead of speaking. He was particularly dangerous because he and his crew liked locking up the gang in various rooms on the ship. 

Powers and abilities

Using scuba gear hidden inside the costume, he could breathe underwater.


The Scooby-Doo Show

Season one

Mr. Carp unmasked

First Mate Carp unmasked.

They locked the gang in various rooms to keep them from ruining their plans. At one point, they dove into the sea, and Fred lowered the diving bell just over the opening so they couldn't get back onboard. However, they used a ladder on the side of the ship. They chased the gang into one of their traps. He was captured with his crew with a fishing net using one of Fred's traps. The ghost turned out to be another phony; it was First Mate Carp disguised, along with McFinn and McGil as his two sea monsters. The supposed ghost, along with the sea monsters, would dive underwater to steal the real Captain Pescado's sunken treasure. The gang handed Mr. Carp, McFinn and McGil over to the coast guard.


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