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The Ghost of Benedict Arnold was the disguise of Mr. Clive, the Splitsonian Institute museum guard.

Physical appearance

The Ghost of Benedict Arnold was a Caucasian male. He wore a white shirt, Blue Overcoat, tan pants, and knee high black boots.


The Ghost of Benedict Arnold was a sadistic villain. He subjected Scooby-Doo to spanking torture using the cotton gin machine and left Scooby bound to it after he collapsed in pain.


The Scooby-Doo Show

Season one

Mr. Clive unmasked

Mr. Clive unmasked.

In a conspiracy with Mr. Wilit and an unnamed accomplice, he was trying to bore through to the Mint next door and steal freshly-minted money. They posed in a wax traitor tableau so the guards would think the museum was empty and lock up.



  • There is an impossible scene where Mr. Clive is standing in front of the tableau talking to the kids about Scooby, and then he moves off and all three of the figures move.
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