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The Ghost Bear was the disguise of Cookie. He was impersonating Vicious, a long-dead wrestling bear.

Physical appearance

It was an enormous bear, with red glowing fur and yellow eyes. He had a skeletal face, sharpened teeth, and visible rib bones around his chest.


The Ghost Bear, had an aggressive and primal behavior, such as roaring at wrestlers.

Skills and abilities

Unlike other monsters, the Ghost Bear was very physical, attacking big foes with its extreme strength, showing to lift up Sin Cara's convertiable and hurling it at a stone statue with little effort. It was also strong enough to manhandle every wrestler.

It is fast enough to chase Scooby-Doo and Shaggy Rogers and is durable enough to last every blow the wrestler drops on it.


Early life

Vicious won every match until he faced Sin Cara Grande, in an epic showdown between man and beast. When Sin Cara Grande revelled in his victory, Vicious got back up in a rage and let loose on the town. Sin Cara Grande saved the citizens from Vicious, wounding his right leg in the process and costing him his career. Vicious fled into the woods north of town and into a cave never to be seen again.

Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery

Cookie unmasked.

Cookie used the legend of the ghost to ruin the reputation of WWE City, because it put him out of a chance to be a champion due to his leg injury. He used Scooby-Doo as a pawn to steal the belt and replace it with a fake belt, while he wore the real one. John Cena removed it from him and told him that it wasn't for cheaters, it was for champions.



  • It was credited as "The Bear."
  • For some reason the "flame" in its skeletal face went out when it was finally defeated, perhaps it was symbolic.
  • As the main villain of the film, it appeared on the front covers of the DVD and Blu-ray.