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Gerald Jenkins was once the owner of the Sugarland Candy Company, until he sold it, and became an employee in the company's candy shop.

Physical appearance

Gerald is an elderly Caucasian male with grey hair, and wears glasses. His outfit consists of a long-sleeved, blue shirt with a black vest over it. He also wears a white labcoat with brown pants.


Gerald Jenkins is a kind man who really cares and loves childrien. He hates the fact that Sugarland is now using chemicals and preserves for their candy.


Scooby-Doo! Who's Watching Who?


Jenkins Unmasked.jpg

Gerald Jenkins unmasked.

Mr. Jenkins was interviewed by Scott O'Mulligan and Lorelei Leigh. He said that he sold the company, but didn't leave. He liked seeing the kids when they got their candy, when he ran the company, he only saw the executives. It's also revealed that he didn't like Sylvester Sweetsugar, the new owner, using "chemicals and preserves" to make his candy. This made him a suspect to be the Ghost Clown.

Possible ending

Mr. Jenkins disliking the new 'artificial' ingredients in candy, he dressed up as the Candy Clown. symbol and tried to change the candy back to the old recipes, or sabotage the company if he failed.



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