Gene Haultrey was a rancher in Juneberry, who was using the spooky fog to cover his cattle smuggling operation.

Physical appearance

Haultrey is a tall Caucasian male with short, dark brown hair and a curved mustache. He wears a white jacket and pants with a blue shirt underneath the jacket. On his head, he wears a brown cowboy hat.


He seemed to be concerned with the cattle rustling that was going on in Juneberry and the possibility of the town dying out, but this was an act to throw suspicion off himself. In fact, he was selfish enough to let the town die out for the sake of rustling more cattle for a sizable profit.


The New Scooby-Doo Movies

Season one

He showed up to complain to Sheriff Dandy Griffith about the cattle rustling going on and asked when he was going to do something about it. The sheriff reassured him that he was doing his best. Gene angrily took off in his car, leading Don Knotts to call him a "sorehead".

Gene Haultrey unmasked

Haultrey unmasked.

It turned out he was far more than a mere "sorehead". His entire act of complaining to the sheriff about the cattle rustling was faked; the culprit was Haultrey himself. He disguised himself as a skeleton to keep Mystery Inc. and officer Don Knotts from discovering his identity and used ghostly projections and a special sound system in a cave to try and scare them off. Eventually, they captured him by barking to create a cattle stampede, leaving him trapped under one of his trucks, forcing him to surrender. He was then unmasked and carried off to the Juneberry Jail by Don.



Gene: It's true. And I could've gotten away with it if it weren't for you people!


  • Gene Haultrey's name is a reference to cowboy singer and actor Gene Autrey, but the reference doesn't go any deeper than the name. It just reinforces the "western" nature of the episode.
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