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The Gargoyle of Notre Dame was the disguise of actor, Guy L'Avorton and fashion model, Danica LeBlake.

Physical appearance

It resembles a lot like a statue version of a demon such as horns, pointy ears and red eyes.


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Powers and abilities

  • Flight: The wings were made from a hang glider, allowing Danica to fly.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season three

Danica LeBlake unmasked

Danica LeBlake unmasked.

She staged her own abduction by having her boyfriend, Guy L'Avorton, kidnap her as the Gargoyle. Then Danica as the Gargoyle followed the gang around, trying to get them stop from finding out the truth. In the end, Danica/the Gargoyle to save her cousin, Daphne Blake, from the confused Sonny Les Matines. Daphne recognised Danica's perfume on the Gargoyle, which led to Danica revealing that she staged her own kidnapping to get out of the modeling life to lead a simpler, quite life like Daphne (although she had no idea what Daphne's life was really like).


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