Game of Chicken is the second episode of season 1 of Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!


Fred's old friend, a daredevil named Chuck, gets in way over his head after he enters the caverns of an ancient civilization.


Chuck Mangum sends a video to Fred about the ancient Zatari caverns. He goes through the cave by going over a chasm, lighting glow sticks in a tunnel, and spray painting "Fred Jones was here". He then hears a ghostly wail and finds himself being chased. He apparently disappears when the video catches a glimpse of a mysterious creature.

The gang wraps up the seemingly boring mystery of Dr. Cutler stealing gold from a lake. Fred then gets a video from his friend, Chuck, asking for help. This confuses Fred because Chuck hasn't ever asked for help, making Fred believe that something terrible has happened to him. The gang quickly decides to leave, followed by the police, who abandon Dr. Cutler, letting him escape.

After watching the video a lot and getting scared of the mysterious creature, Fred becomes worried that the creature got Chuck. He and Fred have been friends for years, and Chuck hasn't been scared of anything. Shaggy compares Fred's friendship with Chuck with his friendship with Scooby much to Fred's confusion. Fred says that he and Chuck have been a team, with Chuck chasing problems and Fred solving them, calling themselves Mangum Force, much to the gang's disapproval. But Fred states that they stayed close, so he never thought Chuck asked for help, especially not Fred's because his way was too "Careful," but Velma remarks how Chuck's way got him into trouble.

When Shaggy questions about the caves, Velma explains the history of the Zatari. In 26000 B.C., the Zataris saw the chicken as the wisest, fiercest creature on earth and moved their civilization underground with miles of mazes, shoots, and traps to emulate the bird they revered, claiming that there hasn't been a culture with a greater misunderstanding of what a chicken is. According to legend, the spirit of an ancient Zatari warrior guards a great treasure hidden in the caverns, many people have tried to get the treasure, but nobody has seen it except for the Zataris, who haven't been seen in 200 years. The gang arrives at the caverns, where Shaggy tries to talk them into leaving, but Fred declares that they're not leaving without Chuck. Right when they walk towards the cave, Daphne starts narrating their actions, when suddenly an angry park ranger shows up, who tells them the caves are closed. But when Fred says that they're looking for Chuck, the ranger lets them in, much to Fred's surprise and confusion. However, the ranger won't allow Scooby because he doesn't have a leash, but Shaggy states he doesn't need a leash, so the ranger lets them in.

Shaggy is flabbergasted of the ranger making him put a leash on his dog, which surprises Scooby. Shaggy comments on how a responsible dog owner he is, which offends Scooby. Shaggy tries to cheer him up, saying that they're buddies, but Scooby leaves in a huff stating "Buddies don't own buddies." Scooby then goes to Daphne for his new buddy, when Velma stops them because they've reached a fork where one way is dangerous, but the other is safe. Then they hear a strange voice that is revealed to be a very old man, who introduces himself as the last of the Zatari, named Rick. He starts correcting them for pronouncing his name wrong (even though it's a pretty simple name) and suggests that they turn back. Fred then suggests they take the dangerous path because that's where Chuck would go, despite Velma's protests. They find a boulder blocking the path, so Fred decides to go around it. Daphne starts to narrate the situation when suddenly they are chased by the Spirit of the Zatari Warrior. The gang separate beside an opening, leading to a waterfall, wen Scooby and Daphne start eating chips, which gets the attention of the Zatari Warrior, which causes the gang to jump fall down a waterfall.

The gang finds themselves at the bottom of the falls, with Fred amazed at the actions, but Velma stating it was dangerous. Shaggy starts worrying about Scooby, while Scooby is worrying about Daphne, who pops up with a soggy bag of chips. Daphne isn't fazed about it, which shocks Scooby. When they get out of the water, Daphne steps on something causing her foot to glow, which Fred quickly recognizes as coming from one of Chuck's glow sticks, signifying that he was here. Velma follows the trail of glow sticks, while Scooby chooses Velma as his new buddy for being funny. The gang then makes it to the chasm from Chuck's video, with Velma explaining, which makes Scooby laugh for no apparent reason. Suddenly, they hear the Zatari Warrior coming and uses the bamboo to get across. They travel down a dark cave while getting annoyed by Daphne's narration.

Fred lights up the cave with a glow stick and finds the spray paint Chuck left. There, they meet Rick again whose head is stuck in the wall and explains that the Spirit of the Zatari Warrior only attacks those who seek the Zatari treasure. They claim they're looking for Chuck, not the treasure. Rick then points down a pathway that is a huge deathtrap. Fred tries to cross it like Chuck but gets severely hurt in the process. Velma, however, gets the gang across by finding the off switch. Scooby then chooses Fred as his buddy because he can't keep laughing at Velma's words. Shaggy then tries to be his own Scooby-Doo then understands why Scooby is upset with him. The gang follows Fred to what appears to be a glow stick, but it's the Zatari Warrior who chases after them again.

While running, the Zatari Warrior gets the gang and himself caught in a maze of sliding tunnels, ending in the room where Chuck was attacked. The Zatari Warrior then gets caught in another trap. Velma is confused that the Zatari Warrior got caught in a trap, almost like he doesn't know where they are. The gang finds the door to the treasure, where the others ask Fred if he's done being Chuck crazy, which Fred agrees because he's always been envious of Chuck's abilities, but realizes it was his own abilities that saved Chuck's neck. However, the Zatari Warrior breaks free and has the gang cornered. Shaggy and Scooby then reconcile, while Fred finds a switch to the door. Remembering Rick's words, Fred pushes the switch, opening the door to reveal the treasure. The Zatari warrior sees the treasure but gets trapped in another tap.

The ranger arrests the Zatari Warrior who is revealed to be Chuck himself, which surprises everyone. Rick then shows up and is also surprised. Fred states that it was a tough mystery, but the clues were in plain sight. The Warrior was reckless and displayed the same athleticism as Chuck, and the glows sticks Chuck was using to light the caves are what gave the Zatari Warrior it's supernatural glow. Rick also told the gang that the Zatari Warrior of legend only attacked those who were after the treasure, but they weren't looking for the treasure, they were looking for Chuck, which left the question of why was it attacking them. The reason why, was that Chuck was herding them through the caves, keeping them on the path where he knew the treasure was but couldn't gain access to it himself. Because unlike a Zatari Warrior, Chuck didn't know where all the traps were.

Shaggy then asks how the Warrior attacked Chuck in the video, with Velma explaining that in the video they never actually saw Chuck or the Warrior at the same time. He either gave them subtle glimpses of the Warrior, using lights and recorded sounds, or it was just him wearing the mask himself. Chuck explains he did it because he hated being the dumb one; the last gate stumped him, and he knew Fred would figure it out. However, he didn't want to ask for Fred's help, so he tried to trick him into helping. He tries to talk Fred into bailing him out, but Fred refuses saying Chuck's way comes with a price. Rick then reveals that the treasure is actually his pet chicken, Larry, (which he also keeps correcting, even though it's another pretty simple name). Everyone leaves in the Mystery Machine, with Daphne narrating the end, before all being shocked by the sudden appearance of Rick and Larry, who pop up in the back glad to show their gratitude that she got their names right.


Main characters:

Supporting characters:


Other characters:

  • Police officers (single appearance)
  • Zatari tribe (single appearance)(no lines)(flashback only)
  • Larry (single appearance)(no lines)



  • Chuck's video camera (off-screen)
  • Chuck's spray paint
  • Popcorn
  • Velma's cell phone
  • Chuck's glowsticks



Suspect Motive/reason
Park ranger He acted very strange. Showed up in the caverns right before the Spirit appeared.
Rick He was the last of the Zatari, and would want to keep people away from his secret treasure.


Culprit Motive/reason
Opening case
Dr. Cutler He changed the water level of a lake to get gold.
Main case
Chuck Mangum as the Spirit of the Zatari Warrior He needed Fred's help finding the lost treasure of the Zatari, but couldn't ask directly because he didn't want to look stupid.


Frank Welker Scooby-Doo
Fred Jones
Park ranger
Matthew Lillard Shaggy Rogers
Dr. Cutler
Grey Griffin Daphne Blake
Kate Micucci Velma Dinkley
John Viener Chuck Mangum
Spirit of the Zatari Warrior


Song Credits Performed by Character performance by
"Chicken Picken " (instrumental) Written by Jake Monaco Jake Monaco N/A


  • The case being wrapped up at the beginning is a reimagining of the Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! episode A Clue for Scooby Doo.
  • Although the Dr. Cutler case seemed to just be boring them to sleep, it may be more about the gang being sleep deprived (as a reference to them seemingly never suffering it in the original series), as the ending scene of them on road after the chicken warrior case, seems to be a callback, where some of them were either sleeping or about to.
  • Scooby doesn't see himself as Shaggy's dog, he sees Shaggy as his human.

Cultural references

  • The episode title refers to the game where two people try to be the last to avoid some bad outcome - and not be a chicken. This fits with the relationship between Chuck and Fred in the episode, where Chuck was the risk taker.


Animation mistakes and/or technical glitches

  • None known.

Inconsistencies/continuity errors and/or goofs/oddities

In other languages

Language Name Meaning
Greek Το Παιχνίδι της Κότας The Game of the Chicken
Hungarian Csirkejáték Game of Chicken
Italian L'amico in pericolo The Friend in Danger
Korean 자타리 동굴의 비밀 The Secret of the Zatari Cave
Turkish Tavuk Oyunu Chicken Game

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Chuck: And I would've gotten away with it if... I was smarter and planned it better.

Park Ranger: And who's that guy again?
Fred: Oh right, my bad. Flip-flopping park ranger meet the last remaining Zatari, whose name is...
Rick: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I, I got it. It's Rick. Thanks.


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