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Gabriello Serra was a friar and leader of the Fraternitas Mysterium.

Physical appearance

When he returned as an undead being, he looked like a mummified corpse with a green aura. His left eye is open and glowing, while the other looks like a lidded empty socket.


As a monk, he likely held his beliefs in high-esteem. He also enjoyed discovering unlocking the secrets around him. When in possession of his piece of the planispheric disk, Serra was consumed by it, but eventually manage to fight it off long enough to steal it back from Porto and send it away in a cheese wheel.

Serra may have had a strong bond with Porto before the Evil Entity corrupted the latter.

As a ghost, he was forceful and frightening, but still reserved enough to explain to the young Mystery Inc. how gravely serious things are for them.

Powers and abilities

As an undead being, he had the following powers:

  • Flight
  • Super strength: He could crash up through wooden floors with supernatural strength.


Early life

The legend was that he and his donkey, Porto, had tried to save Crystal Cove by warning them of an upcoming earthquake.[1]

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

Ghost of Gabriello Serra

Serra as a ghost.

Mystery Incorporated saw a photo of the Fraternitas Mysterium in the Burlington Library.[2] He first appeared during a rehearsal to warn Mystery Incorporated not to "evoke the memory of Nibiru" before Fred Jones made him disappear and was originally thought to be George Avocados until Shaggy pointed out the inconsistency and the older man confirmed that it was not him.

In the basement of the Haunted Historical Society theater, he told the young Mystery Inc. the story of the donkey that saved Crystal Cove was fictionalized and that Porto tried to destroy Crystal Cove, not save it. The ghost of Friar Serra warned of the coming of "Nibiru" and that "the dog must die" because the animal mascot always starts the downfall.[1]



Gabriello: Heed the warning of the alligators: The dog dies!
Theater of Doom


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