Frida Flora is an animal protection activist.

Physical appearance

Frida is a Caucasian female with long brown hair. She wears a blue hat, a green long-sleeved shirt over a yellow short-sleeved shirt with a red "No" symbol on it, khaki pants and brown opened toed sandals.


She's convinced that the Secret Six puppies were not safe on Mr. B's Farm with the Demon Farmer on the loose, and wanted to take them from Mr. B. When it was revealed that whoever owned the Secret Six owned the farm, made Frida a suspect to be the Demon Farmer, herself.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season three

She said she was from a local animal protection group and that she wanted to get the Secret Six puppies to a safe place. When Velma Dinkley asked if she had a court order, she left in order to get one. Later, when she came back she learnt that the Secret Six were nowhere to be found and promised to get them back.

After Mystery Inc. solved the case, the Secret Six went into the silo where Frida attempted to take them by force, by using a net, but when she entered the silo, the Secret Six were secretly jumped out and trapped Frida inside it. She was able to escape, though, due to bursting out along with the colorful popcorn.



  • She drives a red pick-up.
  • It's unknown if the matter of custody of the Secret Six was settled after the Demon Farmer was captured, though she likely gave up as without the danger of the demon, the puppies weren't threatened. Thus, she couldn't legally take them.