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Fred Herman[1] Jones was the doting cameraman of Daphne Blake's Mysterious Mysteries, hosted by his long-time best friend and ex-girlfriend and later fiancée, Daphne Blake. They visited Complex Alpha in Nevada, a top secret research center, where Dr. Velma Dinkley intended to reveal Project Elysium, but it activated early, transforming most of the Earth's population into monsters.

He was killed by a Consumerite at the Henry Hudson Mall, shortly after Daphne had accepted his marriage proposal.[2] Unexpectedly, however, his corpse was possessed and brought back to life by the nanites.[4] These nanites were supposed to be from the original program to simply make the human race more benevolent. Daphne never trusted that it was him, even though he insisted that he was still himself, eventually turning himself over to resistance group that had formed over time after his death. Not long after, the evil nanites had taken the form of the Nanite King and came for Velma. But Velma had found an antidote, which she injected Fred with so he could infect the Nanite King and eradicate the virus. As the nanites were the only thing keeping Fred alive, he made the ultimate sacrifice, proving that he was still on Daphne's side. Shaggy Rogers and Velma's son is named after him.[5]

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