For the original incarnation of the Jones patriarch, see Skip Jones.
For the birth father of Fred Jones, Jr., see Brad Chiles.

Fred Jones, Sr. was the corrupt mayor of Crystal Cove and the adoptive father of Fred Jr. On the surface, he seemed to only care more about making money from the town's mysteries rather than solving them, which conflicted with his “son”, contributing to an already awkward relationship. In reality, this was a cover for a much darker and obsessed personality, one who had gone to great lengths to complete the Planispheric Disk. He forced the original Mystery Incorporated to leave Crystal Cove and bargained away the guardianship of the son of Brad Chiles and Judy Reeves.

Physical appearance

Fred Sr. is a tall, middle-aged male, with dark hair, and a square jaw. As mayor, he wore a black suit and red tie. He also wears black-framed, teal-tinted glasses.


Mayor Jones fits the stereotype of a selfish, greedy and corrupt political opportunist, who would do almost anything to make Crystal Cove into a tourist hotspot. He capitalized on any of the paranormal and bizarre events that happened in Crystal Cove as an opportunity to promote the town's popularity, regardless of the consequences and thus, he would willingly turn a blind eye in favor of reaping the benefits that they bring until it was too late.[2] In turn, his relationship with his son had become turbulent, if not strained, at best, with Fred Jr. slowly (but surely) realizing how selfish his (adopted) father really was. His attempts at proving himself a mystery solver in Mayor Jones had failed.[2][3]

But while he is often seen as selfish and greedy, his true motives make him out to be way worse: he is secretly trying to complete the Planispheric Disk in order to find the hidden and burred treasure. He proved to be ruthless and merciless in his goal; disguising himself as the Freak of Crystal Cove, helping Professor Pericles in blackmailing his former mystery solving friends into leaving Crystal Cove, and eventually betraying Pericles in order to take the disk for himself.

Despite his demeanor, Mayor Jones is shown to actually care very much for his adoptive son. A minor example was when Sheriff Stone overzealously told Fred Jr. to "stop wasting our time, punk", Fred Sr. immediately gave Stone a piercing glare that forced an apology out of him. Another example was when he launched a local tiki bar not just to generate profits, but to also aid Fred Jr. in his attempts to woo Daphne (and hopefully gain grandchildren). When he realized that Fred Jr. and his friends discovered another piece of the Planispheric Disc after escaping from Darrow Mansion, Fred Sr. was shown to have a saddened expression, most likely because he did not want Fred to become involved in what he was up to. When he was masquerading as the Freak of Crystal Cove, despite the opportunity to make a clean getaway, he stopped and saved Fred Jr. from falling to a possibly fatal death. When imprisoned, Mayor Jones was more than willing to help Fred and his friends with their convoluted scheme to outfox the original Mystery Incorporated and steal their own disc pieces. When the current Mystery Inc. entered Scooby's mind, the good version of Mayor Jones said that the disk corrupted everyone that touched it and trapped the good versions of them in here, as well as admitted that despite everything, Fred was always the most important aspect of his life.

In the new timeline made after the gang defeated the Evil Entity, Fred Jones, Sr. is portrayed as a kind and good man. Without the Entity's influence, he became the coach and school principal and had never been mayor. He tells Fred Jr. that he had always thought of other students as his children but that young Fred has always been special to him.[1]


Early life

Fred Jones came to Crystal Cove in search of the Planispheric Disk. After seeing the Monstrous Freak in his dream, which was really Fernando El Aguirre in disguise, Mayor Jones decides to disguise himself as the Freak of Crystal Cove, though he did not have luck in finding the pieces.[4] However, one day while he was studying at Darrow University, Jones was approached by the original Mystery Incorporated with questions about the Planispheric Disk. He discovered that Professor Pericles, different than the rest of his gang, already understood the significance of the Planispheric Disk and was willing to betray his friends to join Fred on a quest for the treasure.

They blackmailed Pericles' former mystery solving friends Ricky, Brad, Judy, and Cassidy into leaving town, threatening to implicate their parents in various crimes using fabricated documents. However, Jones quickly betrayed Pericles, too, taking his disk piece and leaving him unconscious for the police to find. Jones got away completely and began searching for the rest of the treasure while Pericles was given a life sentence at the Crystal Cove Animal Asylum for the Criminally Insane.

Two years later, Brad and Judy tried to return to Crystal Cove. By then, they had married and Judy had given birth to Fred. Jones, however, stopped them by kidnapping Fred and using him as leverage to force Brad and Judy to leave again.[5]

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

He told his son that there was more to life than traps, and later was momentarily shocked after Daphne showed the mysterious locket.[6]

He refused to pick up Fred and the others from Gatorsburg because he had gotten comfortable in his recliner.[7]

He confronted George Avocados and asked Fred Jr. to copy campaign flyers. A campaign scandal involving George Avocados's father forced him to drop out. In his final moments as acting mayor of Crystal Cove, Jones appointed Scooby as head of affairs of Crystal Cove's pizza departments.[8]

He refused to close down the beach to protect people from the Man-Crab.[9]

He insisted Fred Jr. get tutoring in civics, and he wanted to exploit the 'spookified' kids for publicity.[10]

He let the Hex Girls hold a new venue.[11]

He asked that the Gnome be investigated for publicity purposes.[12]

He was present when a Humungonaut tore down his Tiki Tub restaurant.[13]

He dropped Fred Jr. off at Darrow University and told him to visit his old fraternity.[14]

He headed off the kids' investigation of a Cicada Creature victim, and later anticipated getting pictures when they were attacked.[15]

He was present at the rebuilt Tiki Tub when the Wild Brood came in.[16]

He was caught up 'in the love' of Aphrodite and danced with Sheriff Bronson Stone.[17]

He spied on the kids as they left the ruins of Darrow Mansion and is shown to be somewhat solemn about their discovery.[18]

He showed Mr. Wang around town and went with him to a dinner party hosted by the Blakes.[19]

He asked the gang's help in solving the Manticore problem at the amusement park, and he was caught searching Fred's room by Velma for their piece of the Planispheric Disk.[2]

He was badly frightened in his own home by the haunting of the Shadowy Figure who was later revealed to be Professor Pericles and lost his piece of the Planispheric Disk to him.[20]

He fired Sheriff Stone when he thought a vigilante ghost would do a better job for free.[3]

In his Freak of Crystal Cove persona, he was on top of the Old Spanish Church watching the kids go away after Angel Dynamite/Cassidy Williams revealed the old Mystery, Inc.'s true fate.[21]

Mayor Jones unmasked.

When Sheriff Stone and the gang's parents arrived at the Old Spanish Church and witnessed the Freak of Crystal Cove's defeat, Fred unmasked the Freak to be Mayor Fred Jones Sr. The Mayor explained that he when he was young he had been searching for information on the Planispheric Disk. He conspired with Professor Pericles against the original Mystery Incorporated when he discovered that they had inadvertently found what he was looking for, betraying Pericles after getting their research and disk piece. When the gang started digging into the legend, he resurrected his Freak disguise and hunted the gang for their own piece of the disk. The Mayor also revealed that Fred wasn't his real son and that he had kidnapped him to keep Brad Chiles and Judy Reeves, Fred's real parents and original Mystery Inc. members, away from Crystal Cove. Sheriff Stone arrested the Mayor, nearly crying as he performed his duty.[5]

Season two

The Gang told him about the plan about the Planispheric Disks and he agreed to help them by taking the real pieces in custody.[22]

The Gang later met the good part of him, trapped in the waiting room due to the curse. While the curse had corrupted Mayor Dad and made him cold and unloving toward Fred, the good side admitted that Fred was the best thing about his life, and had always thought of him as an actual son who he's proud of. Fred Jr. thus finally was able to forgive his adoptive father.[4]

Mayor Jones was eaten alive by the Evil Entity when it came to the surface of the town, witnessed by Fred.[1]


Fred Jones, Sr. was revealed to be the principal at Crystal Cove High School, as well as the head soccer coach, but has never been mayor, as he rebukes when Fred calls him "Mayor Dad" out of habit. Since he has never had any children himself, he saw the alumni of the school as his own children and as such, he tended to act as fatherly figure to them - he seemed to see Fred as his favorite student, telling him straight up that he saw Fred as the closest he has to a son.[1]



  • Mayorisms:
  • Along with him, Fred seems to have 3 ''fathers''. (or 2 if the other 2 are the same person, if mystery inc is the same Universe as Scooby Doo where are you? and the 33 films however this is very unlikely)

In other languages

Actor Language Notes
Pascal Germain French
Michael Pan German
Davide Marzi Italian
Helge Winther-Larsen Norwegian
Júlio Chaves Brazilian Portuguese
Thanasis Kourlabas (Θανάσης Κουρλαμπάς)
Stavros Sioulis (Σταύρος Σιούλης)
Vasilis Milios (Βασίλης Μήλιος)
Christos Syriotis (Χρήστος Συριώτης)
Greek In the STAR TV Dub, Sioulis played Mayor Jones for the first four episodes. Milios played him from The Song of Mystery]] to The Grasp of the Gnome and for the first half of Season 2. Kourlabas took over for the rest of Season 1. From Heart of Evil to Come Undone, he is played by Siriotis.
Giannis Stefopoulos (Γιάννης Στεφόπουλος) Boomerang TV Dub.

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