This article is about the character from DC Comics' Scooby-Doo story Family Monster. For other uses, see Frankenstein's Monster (disambiguation).
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The monster was an act put on by Frank, a man who lived secretly at Castle Von Dinkley, and who actually resembled a Frankenstein's monster.

Physical appearance

He had completely white eyes, greenish skin, black hair, and an oddly-shaped head like Frankenstein's monster.


He acted menacing and chases after people with monstrous howls.


Scooby-Doo (DC Comics)

Frank tried to scare potential heirs away from the castle, because Victor Von Dinkley convinced him that otherwise he would lose his home. He was captured early on, but his lack of a mask scared the gang and allowed him to escape. He was caught later after Velma Dinkley found clues to his real identity.



Frank: Aaaaaarrr!


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