Velma performs her "signature" Flying Dinkley against two enemy wrestlers simultaneously.

The Flying Dinkley is a wrestling move created by Velma Dinkley.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season three

After a run in with Sugar and Spice, two female wrestlers, Velma and Daphne Blake, claiming their wrestling names are Bookworm and Fashion Sense, respectively, were challenged to a fight in the ring. Fashion Sense was quickly overpowered by Spice but with quick thinking by Bookworm the duo manage to get Sugar to pin down her teammate. Bookworm then went over to them and lifted both women simultaneously by their upper arms and threw them away. Fashion Sense asked Bookworm what she called it, with the latter naming it "The Flying Dinkley."



  • In the scene Velma promptly answers the question and this immediate response would normally lead one to believe she had thought of it beforehand and had used the move before, although right after preforming the maneuver she says, "Hey, it works." This surprise implies that she had no previous experience in executing the Flying Dinkley, or that up until that point it was purely theoretical.