Flax is a Golden Retriever puppy, one of the Secret Six owned by Mr. B.

Physical appearance

He has a plain forehead and an alert appearance. He is small in size, since he is a puppy. He wears blue collar with round and golden dogtag. While on Mr. B's Farm, his dogtag had the number "3".[1]


Like the rest of the Secret Six, Flax is very smart, being able to figure out the code for Mr. B's Lab. He is very friendly, as he loves all his family and easily likes Scooby-Doo and Shaggy Rogers, along with the rest of Mystery Inc. and Mr. B. And like most puppies, Flax is fun-loving.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season two

At the Annual International Dog Show, Flax, along with the rest of the Secret Six, were competing. But two crooks for hire, Skull & Scar, stole him. Luckily, Scooby-Doo, who was also stolen helped them escape. Soon Scooby used a remote and six tiny remote controlled cars, which Flax and his siblings rode on, and were able to escape on. They were then able to make it to the Dow Show and helped reveal Meadow and her dog, M'Lady Moonbeam.[2]

Season three

When the Mystery Inc. gang visited Mr. B's Farm, where he, Secret Six, and his mother, Crissie lived, they soon found that a strange Demon Farmer wanted to kidnap him and the rest of his siblings. And because of this, an animal protection group activist, Frida Flora, wants to take the puppies to her group, because she thinks it is dangerous at the farm. One time, when hiding from Flora, the pups get chased by the Demon Farmer. soon he finds a secret lab, and helped show the entry code. And after the Demon Farmer is revealed, Neville Poppenbacher revealed that he wanted the puppies so he could hack into the Lab. And after that, Frida couldn't take the puppies, since the farm was safe.[1]

The gang once again visits the six puppies, and like before, he helped solve the mystery.[3]



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