Flamey was a hologram created by Melvin Gerkin, made in the image of the mascot of the Coolsville High Devils football team.

Physical appearance

Flamey looked like a cute red devil with a round face.


His expression quickly turned angry and he started attacking.

Powers and abilities

  • Flight - as a hologram, Flamey was projected in the air.
  • Flame projection - laser shots were timed to coincide with his attacks.
  • Desolidification - as a hologram, he could not be touched.


Scooby-Doo! (DC Comics)

Melvin was afraid that the recent success of the football team would draw funding away from the science department. As president of the Science Club, he didn't want that, so he volunteered to dress up as the Flamey mascot and secretly rigged the scoreboard to create holograms and fire lasers under his control to ruin the big game.



  • "Flamey" can be urban slang for being poorly skilled. This might be appropriate for a football team that has mostly lost.
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