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Professor Fiona Pembrooke is a scientist who ruined her credibility trying to prove the Loch Ness Monster exists. She is the author of the book, Legend of the Loch.

Physical appearance

Fiona is a middle aged Caucasian female with a slim figure. She has brown hair and wear square framed glasses. She wears a beret with a matching light pink jacket over her white shirt and a yellow skirt and black boots.


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Early life

She was formerly a research assistant to Sir Ian Locksley until he fired her for trying to find the Loch Ness Monster.

Scooby-Doo! and the Loch Ness Monster

Prof. Pembrooke is revealed as the culprit.

She created two fake versions of Nessie: a land-going one (a mechanical vehicle and a giant model run by Angus and Colin Haggart), and a water-going one (a disguised submarine run by herself, and docked to the bottom of her boat when it was not in use). The purpose was to make Sir Ian Locksley a Nessie believer so he would take her real pictures seriously.

Her plan worked, even though she was caught. Some equipment left very deep in the lake detected Nessie. Sir Ian was convinced enough to join her in the Nessie search. She was not punished for the damage her monsters did.


In other languages

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