The Fighting Urchins is the soccer team of Crystal Cove High School. Fans wear sea urchin hats and the yearbook says "Home of the Fighting Urchins."[1]



Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Fred said he had to get tutoring in civics, or coach said he would be off the team.[3]

Fred missed another match, where the team was attacked with a love potion by Aphrodite.[5]

Season two

Gary and Ethan had scholarships riding on a big match that they lost because Fred was absent due to looking for his birth parents.[6]

The team's lucky ball had been lost on Mount Diabla by Gary and Ethan.[7]


In the new, better reality created by the Evil Entity's death in a black hole, Ethan and Gary were nice to Fred, as the Fred they think they know was reliable, with Ethan complimenting how many shots he blocked.[4]



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