This article is about the musician. For the song of the same name, see Fantzee Pantz (song).
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* Personality.

Fantzee Pantz was the stage name of former musician, Daniel Prezette.

Physical appearance

Fantzee Pantz is a male with thick reddish-orange hair and black eyes. He appeared in the music video for his self-titled hit song Fantzee Pantz dressed in a flamboyant costume that featured a wide collared shirt, bell bottom pants, and a waist-length cape. The costume was blue with a special sparkled holographic fabric, plus white accents and red stars. Pantz also wore red sunglasses and white boots.


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Early life

Fantzee Pantz was signed to a record deal and managed by Gus Boggs. Though he had a notable song, also called Fantzee Pantz, he was dropped by the record label in favor of the Hex Girls.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Shaggy recognized the sparkled holographic fabric on the Phantom's costume as identical to the fabric used on the costume that Fantzee Pantz wore. After learning from Gus Boggs that Pantz was cut from the record label in favor of the Hex Girls, the gang suspected that he was connected to the Phantom. Fantzee Pantz was revealed to be Hex Girls crew member Daniel Prezette, who tried to take revenge on the Hex Girls for ending his career: first by trying to write bad songs for them, then by attacking them as the Phantom.


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