Fangenschanz is the name of an acting troupe that portrays vampires. They are so much into the role that they only perform at night, similar to the nocturnal behavior of the vampire.




All members of the group had a very vampire like appearence. All of them wore dark clothes and seemingly fake fangs. All 5 had a very similar personality. They were shown to be aggressive and evilish. They however seemed to be very brave, since they didn't fear not even Lord Valdronya, despite the latter already attacking them once. They were also seemingly a little bit arrogant, thinking that Valdronya would apart from granting them immortality also converting them into real vampires. Their wishful thinking turned out to not be a good thing for them later on, as they decided to give Daphne to Valdronya, however, even if they were immortal after that, they turned out to be taken to prison for their crime. In this scene they were sad, unlike most villains who are usually angry, showing that they do posses a little bot of humanity and remnants of nobility and goodness in them, despite the fact they were so devoted to vampires, and sang in rhymes with the typical personality of them. (even exploiting that to worship them)


Scooby-Doo! Music of the Vampire

When their enactment of a vampire resurrection ritual had raised a real vampire, Lord Valdronya, Vincent Van Helsing exploited this when Valdronya kidnapped Daphne as a vampire bride, so Van Helsing could have evidence of their wedding for his new book, The Bride of the Vampire. They actors would be rewarded with immortality if could give Valdronya a bride, something uncertain if happened. (presumably it did)

After their role in the theater, while Scooby and Shaggy were looking for food, using their map falsely , they met up with them as the actors were preparing the stage of the wedding of Lord Valdronya and Daphne. When Shaggy tricked them and the 2 ran away, they were attacked by Valdronya.

Later on, the next day, when the actors were offering Daphne to the lord, the great vampire rose like Aphrodite out of sea foam and claimed that their work was excellent. Valdronya then created a large Aphrodite - mist and hypnotized the actors, telling them that when they wake up, they will be immortal. He also used this mist with another power of Aphrodite, and made Daphne fall in love with him, saying the phrase '' a mortal beauty ''. (the first time he made her fall for him he said '' such beauty and innocence '')

However, things got worse when Valdronya started chasing the gang. Apparently Vincent Van Helsing needed to have the evidence needed of the wedding for his new book, so took a costume of the vampire himself. When the real Valdronya left the swamp, Van Helsing was captured by the gang and when explained his plan, he and the actors were arrested.



  • The name Fangenschanz recalls the theater group Mummenschanz, who use strange masks, light and shade in their performances.


  1. Voiced by Robert Townsend.
  2. Voiced by Rob Paulsen.
  3. Voiced by Julianne Buescher.
  4. Voiced by Obba Babatunde.