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* Physical appearance; clothing.

Everett T. Trusdale was the publisher of a tabloid newspaper called the World's Weekly News.

Physical appearance

He is a Caucasian male with gray hair which is long in back and bald on top, and he has a mustache.


He seemed to like flamboyant, impossible stories. Behind this was a streak of personal dishonesty.


Scooby-Doo! (DC Comics)

He freely admitted to the gang that all the stories in his paper were made up by his writers, but he claimed he had found an incredible true story about a UFO that nobody would believe unless they validated it.

It turned out this story was also fake, staged with the help of his nephew Warren Wallace, using his writer Dave Segal as an unknowing dupe. He was desperate to increase his paper's circulation to help cover up that he was stealing money from the business. Ironically, the story of his arrest helped boost the newspaper's circulation and got the business back on its feet, with Dave Segal as the new publisher.


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