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* Physical appearance.

Evander Cranapple was a mystery fan who memorized every detail of the cases of Mystery Inc.. He won a contest to become a member of the gang for a day.

Physical appearance

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He is an obsessed fan who has memorized every detail of every Mystery Inc. case. He reads a fan magazine called the Mystery Inc. Insider. He would do anything to become a permanent member of the gang, or failing that, to become a villain in one of their cases.


Scooby-Doo (DC Comics)

He was obsessive about Mystery Inc. and wanted to become a permanent member. His advances to Daphne Blake were noticed by her father, who was also the contest judge, and it got Evander kicked out of the gang. He was so obsessed with being part of the case that he solved it, knocked out the real villain, left her tied up in a closet, and replaced her. He was subsequently captured and arrested.


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