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Ethan is a student at Crystal Cove High School and a player on the Fighting Urchins soccer team. He is usually accompanied by his friend Gary.

Physical appearance

Ethan is a teenaged Caucasian male, with orange-red hair.


He was very hostile toward Fred Jones, Jr. and the gang, until the Evil Entity was killed, removing all the hate.[1] He thinks highly of himself, referring to himself as "Ethan the Awesome" in his yearbook.[2] Ethan will sometimes get embarrassed by Gary's jokes on him.[2]


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Gary and Ethan run in hall

Gary & Ethan run from the Ghost Girl.

He cleared out of Professor Raffalo's classroom when the gang brought in a cocooned body.[3]

He asked the price of the Que Horrifico t-shirt Velma was wearing. This is one time he was seen independently of his friend Gary.[4]

He ran from the prom when the Ghost Girl appeared.[5]

He was in the audience of the Hex Girls concert at the Terrorpheum theater when the Phantom attacked.[6]

Ethan and Gary feeling the love

Ethan & Gary feeling the love.

He complained when Jason Wyatt's spider robot damaged the paint on his car, retaliating by giving him a wedgie with Gary.[7]

He and the rest of the soccer players were among the first victims of Aphrodite's love spell. The gang spray an antidote over the townspeople in a final confrontation between Aphrodite.[8]

Season two

Gary and Ethan unmasked

Gary & Ethan unmasked.

He said negative things about the gang when they returned to school, especially to Fred.[9]

He and Gary fell down a mountain after being attacked by Dark Lilith.[10]

He and Gary pulled their own monster scheme to impress girls. They did this by having one of them dress up as Hebediah Grim, while the other would pretend to be a hero and save them from the monster. They also used a video-chat to give themselves an alibi.[2]

He was likely consumed by the Evil Entity, when it emerged above Crystal Cove.[1]


With the Evil Entity destroyed, its negative influence was removed from the people of Crystal Cove; Ethan and Gary didn't dress up as Hebediah Grim, and they liked Fred. They told him he was a great goalkeeper for winning them the championship the day before. They also thanked him for letting them borrow his van (a white Mystery Machine.[1]



Ethan: Somebody's mom is trying to kill Fred.
The Legend of Alice May

Ethan: Dude, my paint job!
Howl of the Fright Hound



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