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This article is about the disguise. For the mythological creature, see Eshu (myth).

Eshu was the disguise of Reynaldo, based on a Brazilian mythological creature.

Physical appearance

Eshu was a red humanoid, with light green pupils and green sclera. He had several spikes running along his arms, legs, back, and chin. There is also one large spike protruding from his head, which has four smaller spikes coming out of it. Eshu also has sharp teeth, which appear to be fangs.


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Powers and abilities

  • Teleportation
  • Enhanced strength
  • Enhanced speed


Early life

Reynaldo unmasked

Reynaldo unmasked.

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Scooby-Doo! Ghastly Goals!

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  • Rather than a Brazilian 'mythological creature' Eshu is an Òrìshà, a godly or mediating being (like angels in Christianity) of West Africa -especially of the people who speak the language Yorùbá. His task is to connect the human world with the Òrìshà world during oracle and to protect the villages from balefulness. In mythology he is the youngest of the Òrìshàs and translator between his fellow beings. As the results of oracle or translation can go wrong and his fondness for playing tricks on human beings and his fellow Òrìshàs, he counts as a trickster.
    • As a result of the deportation of African slaves into the 'New World' this being migrated with them and is represented in many Afro-Caribbean religions. Under crosscultural cirumstances he has many different names and relations to the human beings in different locations. He is e.g. part of the loas (lwa) in Haitian Vodún ("Voodoo") as "Papa Legba", as "Eshú" in Òrìshà religion in Trinidad and as "Exú" in Brazilian Candomblé.
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