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* Physical appearance; clothing.
* Personality.

Professor Enrique Andelusossa once had a teen summer romance with Angie Dinkley, and still continued to love her decades later.

Physical appearance

Enrique is a middle-aged Hispanic male, with dark hair that is slightly graying on the sides.


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Early life

He was an apprentice gardener to a big resort, when he had a summer fling with Angie Dinkley, which apparently meant a lot more to him than it did her. He later married a beautiful, but very jealous woman who spat vehemently whenever the subject of Enrique's first love came up.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

Enrique Andelusossa unmasked

Enrique unmasked.

Angie sent him on quest for Mystery Inc. to locate the Heart of the Jaguar from the temple of the Hunters of Secrets in the Yucatán, which was needed to destroy the crystal sarcophagus containing the evil Anunnaki. When he found it, he faked his kidnapping by the Priestess. It turned out Professor Andelusossa was the Priestess in disguise and he wanted to know if she still loved him and would risk her life to save him much to the chargrin of his wife. He was taken away by Lt. Tomina Kasanski.


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