Enigma Machine

The Enigma Machine was the original Mystery Incorporated's main use of transportation in their hometown of Crystal Cove. Mr. E (Ricky Owens) kept it in adulthood. The second generation Mystery Inc. drive in a similar van called the Mystery Machine.

Physical appearance

The van was incredibly similar to the Mystery Machine in terms of size and shape. It was purple with 'Enigma Engine' in green lettering on the side.


Professor Pericles had a large, detachable missile launcher installed the van.[1]


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

The old Mystery Inc. parked outside Velma Dinkley's home and used the high-tech equipment inside to scan the the house for the kids' pieces of the Planispheric Disk.[2]

The old Mystery Inc. took the Enigma Machine to the Crystal Cove Arcade Coven and Demon Roller Disco, while their namesake was inside investigating, using the distracting to steal their pieces of the Planispheric Disk. The emergence of Krampus, caused the costumers to leave in a panic, forcing the old gang to leave before they succeeded. They attempted another time when the kids were inside the Old Haunted Orphanage, managing to steal the pieces and drive away, just as the young Mystery Inc. stepped out.[3]

Mr. E, Professor Pericles, Brad Chiles and Judy Reeves sat on the roof of the Enigma Machine in the outskirts of town as Pericles watched the Horrible Herd destroy Crystal Cove. When the kids stole the Horrible Herd's queen, leading the cattle out of town, Pericles had Brad and Judy fire the van's missile at their helicopter.[1]

It was partially hidden under a tent underground, while Professor Pericles was awaiting the excavation of the Evil Entity's seal.[4]



  • It's called the Enigma Machine,[3] but the writing on the van says "Enigma Engine".
  • The Enigma Machine was a German coded communication machine used during World War Two. It was near impossible to decipher the codes without a codebook.


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