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Professor Emmanuel Raffalo was a science teacher at Crystal Cove High School. He used his Slime Mutant disguise to rob the town's bank.

Physical appearance

He wears thick-framed glasses, has black hair with gray streaks, a mustache and a goatee. He wears a lab coat.


Raffalo took his job seriously, as evident by his lack of amusement of his science class referring to photosynthesis as "plant farts." Of course, it didn't stop him from being selfish and greedy enough to rob the town bank, even going as far as faking his own capture to throw the gang off his trail and framing Fruitmeir for the crime. He also cast himself as an angry individual when he dismissively replied to Daphne Blake's question, regarding a locket.[1]


Early life

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Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Prof. Raffalo unmasked.

Mystery Inc. brought one of the Slime Mutant's victims in the middle of one his classes for him to look at, ending it abruptly when his students saw the state of the victim, causing them to flee in fear. He told them the person was encased in a dehydrated cocoon. They left him to study the victim further. Once school had ended, he continued his investigation. During his work, he was attacked by the Slime Mutant, becoming yet another victim of its glowing green liquid.

When Raffalo had been unmasked as the beast himself, he explained that while collecting mold spores for his class, he found out the sewer lead under the bank. He dressed up as the Slime Mutant to scare people away so he could rob the bank (because of his low teacher's salary) without any interference, and then planned on framing Franklin Fruitmeir due to the fact that he'd used Fruitmeir's dessert as a key factor in his plot. Raffalo also set up his own 'attack' so no one would suspect him of being the Slime Mutant. When asked about the locket by Daphne Blake, he claimed to have never seen it before.[1]

One of the photos of Velma Dinkley Jason Wyatt had on his bedroom wall contained a newspaper clipping of crime with the title stating "Meddling Kids Foil Monster Scam".[2]

Season two

Raffalo had been sent to the local prison, which was one day attacked by Krampus when he kidnapped another convict, Mary Anne Gleardan.[3]


When the Evil Entity's power source, the crystal sarcophagus, was destroyed, a black hole was created, sucking it in. This caused a chain reaction, altering reality for all of Crystal Cove, leaving the town unnaffected by its negative influence, and therefore Raffalo didn't try to scam the town as the Slime Mutant.[4]


In other languages

Actor Language Notes
Marcelo Garcia Brazilian Portuguese
Gerald Schaale German
Alberto Bognanni Italian
Espen Sandvik Norwegian
Mieczysław Morański Polish


Professor Raffalo: Can anybody tell me what photosynthesis is? And please, don't say 'plant farts'.
Beware the Beast from Below


  • He was the show's first villain to refer to the gang as "[Those] meddling kids".
  • He is inspired by horror host, Mr. Lobo.


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