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* Phyiscal appearance; regular clothing.

Scrappy-Doo first appeared under the disguise of Emile Mondavarious, owner of the world famous amusement park, Spooky Island. He was wearing a robotic suit to hide his small form.

Physical appearance

The Mondavarious robot was designed to look exactly like the real one; a slim, middle-aged Caucasian male, with short black hair and brown eyes. When the gang first met him, he was wearing a black jacket over a Hawaiian shirt, a Spooky Island T-Shirt, grey short pants and a pair of sandals. During the ceremony ritual, he was wearing a long blue coat with small glowing silver diamonds on the outside. It also had silver patterns on the chest area. He also wore a blue suit underneath, along with a white shirt. When using the Daemon Ritus, it was attached to his chest. After he got knocked out by Shaggy (who was hanging onto a pincer claw), he would be unmasked by Fred and was revealed to be a robot operated by Scrappy-Doo from within the middle.


Emile Mondavarious (robot) pretended to be innocent during Mystery Inc's. vacation at Spooky Island. He told them that the college students are acting "strange" as they are departing from the island. He mentions that he himself is "terrified" of what is going on in the park. After Fred revealed the 3 suspects behind the monster attacks and the Daemon Ritus ritual. Fred pointed out that Emile (robot) is the 3rd one. He is hesitated at first and asks why he would be a "suspect". Fred tells him that it's because he kind of "creeps" him out. To which Emile accepts, but says it sarcastically


Scooby-Doo: The Movie

Scrappy released the creatures of the island on all the college students and Mystery Inc. and had their protoplasm replaced with the creatures.

Scrappy planned to complete a Darkopolypse Ritual with the Daemon Ritus and needed a pure soul to complete the ritual.

Scrappy found what he needed, Scooby-Doo's soul, to complete the ritual and had instructed most of the possessed tenants to obtain him.


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