Emile Mondavarious is the owner of the Spooky Island amusement park. When the gang first met him, it was actually a robot impostor run by Scrappy-Doo.

Physical appearance

After being Scrappy's prisoner he had long hair and beard. Later, as Scrappy was being arrested and all of Mystery Incorporated were celebreating along with all of Spooky Island, he was later seen to having his hair cut back to how he likes it and his face clean shaved.


Mondavarious, owning a theme park, Spooky Island, takes everything of it that he owns there very seriously. He is shown to be very thankful, when thanking Shaggy and all of Mystery Inc for setting him and all of Spooky Island free.


Scooby-Doo: The Movie

Emile Mondavarious was held captive in a hole by Scrappy-Doo, which Shaggy Rogers found at out after hearing him knock from below, and helped him out. Emile explained everything to Shaggy, thanking him before celebrating Scrappy's defeat along with everyone else.


In other languages

Actor Language Notes
Lutz Mackensy German
Júlio Chaves Brazilian Portuguese


  • After he was freed and came to the surface, he suddenly went from long hair and beard to having shorter hair and clean shaven, and wearing the same clothes his robot version wore in its first appearance.
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