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Elwood Crane ran Apex International Shoes until the company went under.

Physical appearance

Elwood is a short, plump, middle-aged Caucasian male, with gray hair and a receding hairline. He wore a green suit with a black inner vest, red tie and black shoes. When unmasked, his hair was completely messed, he had dark circles around his eyes, and wore ski goggles under his costume.


He is a gruff, embittered man. Elwood took his business failure hard and became angry and greedy enough to steal from his own family to make up for his own losses.


The Scooby-Doo Show

Season one

Elwood Crane unmasked

Elwood unmasked.

He disguised himself as the Headless Horseman to convince his aunt to give him her diamond necklace then make it appear as if the Headless Horseman had captured him and stolen his head. Then, with the necklace, he could leave the country. As it turned out, his company had gone under and that was the reason he performed the crime.



  • Notably, he is one of the few villains not to be unmasked.

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