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Dylan Ryan[1] is a citizen of Crystal Cove, who always gets attacked by a monster when alone (mostly on a date) with Brenda.

Physical appearance

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Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

Dylan and Brenda kiss on Nauseater

Dylan & Bren attempt to kiss, before Manticore attack.

He was setting up for a volleyball competition on the beach with the help of his girlfriend, Brenda when she was dragged under the sand and kidnapped by the Man-Crab.[2]

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He and Brenda went to Creepy Spooky Terror Land after their release from the hospital and got kidnapped by the Manticore.[3]

Season two

He and Brenda were attacked by Hebediah Grim. Brenda apparently dumped him for Gary after he "saved" her from the monster (which turned out to be his and Ethan's scheme to get girls interested in them).[1]



In other languages

Actor Language Notes
Espen Sandvik Norwegian


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