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Dusty is one of Dick Dastardly's minions the Rottens until he turned against his master.

Physical Appearance

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Skills and abilities

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Dusty was one of Dastardly's evil Rottons until Dastardly gets mad at him for failing to capture Scooby. As punishment, he rips his head off, and replaces it with a vacuum.

He's later seen walking by the cell Fred, Daphne, and Velma are locked in. Daphne takes notice of him sneezing dust out and feels sorry for him. She bends down and asks him if he needs help. Dusty jumps back in surprise and fright, but Daphne says she wants to help him. He timidly approaches her and allows her to take the vacuum part of his head off. She dumps the dust in a nearby bucket and puts the vacuum part back on. She asks him if that's better. Dusty breathes through his now dust-free mouth and jumps for joy. He runs through the cell door and hugs Daphne. Velma then asks him if he can get them out of there. He turns and walks through the door, extends his legs, produces a key from his palm and opens the door.

He then accompanies them to where Dastardly is currently deciphering the location of the final skull. When more Rottons approach their location, Dusty points them in the direction of the communications room.

He next appears when Dastardly's other Rottons are preparing to fire a missile at the flying Mystery Machine. When Dusty sees Daphne in the target's sight, he panics and tries to intercept the Rotton holding the joystick, but only manages to veer the missile slightly off course. Dusty watches in despair as the missile hits the Mystery Machine's rocket boosters, blasting them off and sending the vehicle plummeting toward the ground. A little later, two other Rottons point to the screen showing that Daphne surrvived, causing him to jump in excitement. When he sees Daphne being threatened by Cerberus, he rallies the other Rottons to save her. He and the other Rottons, (in their scorpion forms), descend from the ship and swarm Cerberus. Cerberus swats the Rotton holding Dusty, causing him to fall into Daphne's arms. When she asks him if he's okay, he nods affrimatively. She then kisses him on the cheek and he blushes.

He is then seen at the very end when Daphne asks him to watch the shop when the gang is called away on a new mystery.


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