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Dusk is the drummer and back-up singer of the Hex Girls.

Physical appearance

Dusk is a teenaged Caucasian female, with long blonde hair highlighted by red streaks, and worn in big, messy bunches. She wears goggles, a red ripped, long sleeve shirt under a black romper with white straps with silver buckles, revealing her midrift. She also wears short black shorts, red thigh high stockings (that are also ripped) and knee high boots with buckles on them. She also wears purple eyeshadow and red lipstick.

In Dance of the Undead, She still looks the same, but her hair is hightlighted by green streaks. She wears a long sleeved dark green top with a matching green skirt, that has a slit in it, and wears dark purple ankle boots. Her accessories are a black choker, with an "X" shaped necklace and green triangle earrings.


Out of the trio, Dusk is the fiercest of the group. She once threatened to break up with the rest of the Hex Girls, but ended up not being able to..


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

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Season two

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