The Drowsy Gator Hotel was a hotel and the last running business in Gatorsburg.


Hotel rules

  1. Boys and girls in separate rooms.
  2. Stay in one's room, no matter what one hears
  3. No pets in the hotel.


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

When the Mystery Machine's engine went missing in Gatorsburg, the gang had to stay at the Drowsy Gator Hotel when their parents would not come pick them up. At the hotel, Scooby-Doo saw the message "The dog dies!" appear on the hotel's sign. After being taken to their rooms by Greta Gator, Scooby was forced to sleep outside because of the hotel's pet policy. Meanwhile, Daphne tried to spend time with Fred while Velma attempted to have a romantic rendezvous with Shaggy. Scooby was attacked by the Gator People outside and retreated to the hotel, where the rest of the gang were attacked as well. The Gator People were eventually trapped and taken back to hotel where the gang revealed them to be the hotel's owner, Greta Gator, and her family members Gunther Gator and Grady Gator. [1]



Dog dies sign


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