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Payne was a drill sergeant.

Physical appearance

Like every soldier, Payne is physically fit with short, military-style haircuts as per regulations. He is seen wearing the typical work dress uniform of the Army, consisting of a dress shirt with medals, green pants and black boots. In addition, given his occupation as a drill sergeant, he also wears the issued campaign hat as worn by drill sergeants.


Like most drill sergeants, Payne has a very strict manner with respect towards authority, though that hasn't stopped him from getting greedy in trying to steal a secret formula.


What's New, Scooby-Doo?

Season three

Drill Sergeant Payne unmasked

Payne unmasked.

He dressed up like the Gold Monster to turn people into gold & get out of Fort Knox so he could get the owner of Gold-Ade, Sue Krose, to quit so he could take over, using the Secret Six puppies to dig into the factory to find the secret formula of her company.



  • In actuality, a drill sergeant in the United States Army is responsible for the welfare, behaviour and training of recruits at the training centers and isn't an actual rank
    • Drill Sergeants in the U.S. Army holds the rank of Sergeant, Staff Sergeant or Sergeant First Class, therefore it is more likely that Payne holds one of those three ranks in his tenure as a drill sergeant
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