Dreamweaver was the dream projection of Horbert Feist, who projected this imaginary appearance when he haunted people's dreams with the use of a dream helmet.

Physical appearance

He had very white skin, sharp teeth and black messy hair, with glowing red eyes. He wore a black suit with a cape. He had almost the appearance of a vampire. He carried a glowing purple orb.


He was sort of arrogant as he believed that he could make people do whatever he told them to. He also believed he could not lose.


Early history

Dreamweaver was a character from the role-playing game Crypts and Creatures.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season 2

Hobert Feist is revealed as the culprit

Horbert Feist is revealed as the culprit.

Horbert wanted revenge on all his friends for laughing when he lost at a role playing game. One of those people was Sheriff Bronson Stone. He even blew up his bank to cover his tracks. Feist worked at the bank; that was where he got the money to make the Dream Helmet.



  • This was an unusual villain because no physical costume was used; Feist simply projected his imagined image into the dreams of his victims.
  • In the opening scene, Feist seemed to face the Dreamweaver in real life. However, this may be a presentation of his lies, or a dream he projected onto himself for practice.
  • The dream mazes is a reference to the movie Labyrinth, and the Dreamweaver’s character design resembles the Labyrinth’s villain Jareth, ”The Goblin King”.
  • Potential victims fearing to ever sleep again suggests the Nightmare on Elm Street movies.
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