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The Dragon, also known as the Dragon Battle Suit, was the disguise of Jenny Zin.

Physical appearance

The Dragon is a large metallic battle suit resembling a humanoid dragon. It has yellow bright eyes, sharp black claws, two big, curved horns, two cybernetic wings, black spikes around its neck, and a long tail with a spike.


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Powers and abilities

  • Enhanced strength: It had enough strength to easily throw larger opponents.
  • Fire breath: It was able to spew powerful blasts of fire from its mouth.
  • Missiles: It was able to launch small missiles from a hidden rocket launcher attached to its arm.
  • Knockout spray: It used a spray mist that rendered any opponent unconscious.
  • Flight: It was able to fly via built-in jet propulsion.


Early life

It was made as a weapon by Dr. Zin. He only trusted it with his daughter, Jenny, but got fused inside of it from a chain reactive bite from Reggie the guard dog, when she attacked Quest Research Laboratories. The Dragon Battle Suit had turned Jenny into a cyborg of sorts, and was draining her life.

Jenny Zin is freed

Jenny is freed.

Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season two

When the Dragon captured Blue Falcon and Scooby-Doo and took them back to Zin's Volcano Island, Reggie (now Dynomutt and Mystery Inc. followed. Dynomutt graciously used some of the Quest X Power Source, the heart of his power, to separate Jenny from the Dragon Battle Suit.



  • The roars of the dragon are recycled sound effects from the Godzilla series monster Megalon.
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