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Dottie is a waitress at Sergio's Diner, near where aliens had supposedly been sighted.

Physical appearance

Dottie is a Caucasian female. She has a curly hair updo with a fringe, held in place with a thin bright pink band. She has applied lavender/blue make-up to her eyelids, a long nose, and her mouth, which is often pulled back into a snooty grimace, has bright pink lipstick. She wears a pink waitress outfit.


She had a huge crush on Fred Jones and tried to flirt with him, but he didn't reciprocate. She is critical about Sergio's cooking.


Scooby-Doo and the Alien Invaders

She said she had never seen the aliens herself, but that she had heard strange sounds and lights at night. She often had short arguments with Sergio.



In other languages

Actor Language Notes
Gizela Rasch Swedish
Stefanella Maramma Italian