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* Physical appearance.
* Personality.

Donald was an illegal logger, along with his wife, Edith. They paid off Ranger Mark, to let them work, but then had to dress as Viking ghosts to scare away the archaeologists who were stopping their operation.

Physical appearance

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Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!

Season one

Donald unmasked

Donald unmasked.

Donald, and his wife Edith, were encountered by the Gang and said they were bird watchers. Daphne asked about finding tufted hook-bills, only to be told she wouldn't see here. Later Daphne finds a lot of tufted hook-bills, suggesting that Donald wasn't a good, or possibly any type of, birdwatcher.

This ends up being one of the clues that lead to discovering that Edith and Donald, in conjunction with Ranger Mark, were the Viking Ghosts, and were really illegal loggers.


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