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Don Adams is a famous actor who has become an exterminator.

Physical appearance

Don Adams has black hair and wears brown pants, a jacket and possibly a cravat or tucked ascot. He also wears a tool belt with extermination equipment.


He shares many personality traits with the characters Don Adams was known to portray in real life, which is to say well-meaning, but scatterbrained, clumsy and accident-prone, yet blind to all of those attributes.


The New Scooby-Doo Movies

Season two

Don Adams' business card

Despite having become a famous actor, Don Adams works as the head of his own pest extermination company. When the engine of his Adams Exterminator Co. van is overrun by termites, the gang helps Don Adams with an extermination job at the house of Lorne Chumley. While working to exterminate the home's pests, Don and the gang run into a plethora of monsters.



  • He shares the speech patterns of Agent Maxwell Smart, a character Don Adams portrayed in the television series Get Smart (1965-1970), and one of his most well-known roles.