Don't Be a Stranger is the single story of Scooby-Doo! Team-Up #13, by DC Comics.


When ghosts of the world start disappearing, the Phantom Stranger and Deadman call on Mystery Inc..


While answering the door for trick or treators, The Phantom Stranger shows up asking for help. He introduces himself, causing panic in Shaggy and Scooby Doo . As Shaggy runs away, he is possessed by Deadman , who introduces himself. The two came to ask for help from Mystery Inc. Ghosts had been disappearing, some of which include the Grim Ghost , the Ghost Patrol , Kid Eternity , Mister Keeper , Captain Triumph , and Gentleman Ghost . As Mystery Inc commonly hunts down ghosts, the two heroic specters wanted their help. The ghosts went missing from all corners of the Earth, and Fred , with the help of a no-longer possessed Shaggy, connected all places to find the center of the disappearances - Silver Spur , Nevada. Phantom Stranger teleports them all to the ghost town, and they go off to investigate.

They first tried to investigate the jail house, finding all the missing ghosts, finding all the ghosts imprisoned in a ghost bar cage. They were about to leave to investigate other places, but Velma noticed that the culprit was still present. She noticed that the Spook was present, and he was the outlier as he was not an actual ghost. Phantom Stranger recognized him as Tannarak, an ancient alchemist, and his old nemesis. Tannarak replaced himself with the Phantom Stranger, as only ghosts were prohibited from leaving the cage. Deadman tried to possess Tannarak, but was imprisoned himself. Tannarak wanted to live forever without dying, which he believes is possible by capturing ghosts. Phantom Stranger asked Tannarak how he thought he would succeed without angering entities such as the Spectre. Tannarak didn't need to worry about that, however, the Spectre had already been captured.

While they were distracted, Tannarak attacked Mystery Inc. Scooby and Fred hid in the room that the captive Spectre was held. Tannarak had hidden the Spectre's human body, which weakened him. Meanwhile, the villain had caught Shaggy, but Daphne managed to let Deadman posses her, freeing him from the cage. Deadman/Daphne fought the alchemist, and managed to distract him long enough for the Spectre to posses Scooby-Doo! Spectre/Scooby-Doo freed the ghosts, who took their revenge on Tannarak, who tried to escape. Shaggy knocked the villain down, which allowed Kid Eternity to successfully captured the villain. The Spectre returned to his body, the ghosts had escaped, and Tannarak was imprisoned.


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  • Tannarak (single appearance)(dream only)

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  • Candy



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  • This is a Halloween special (despite the fact it was published a few days after).

Coloring mistakes

  • None known.

Inconsistencies/continuity errors and/or goofs/oddities

  • It's implied that Mystery Inc. are in their "clubhouse", as in the other DC sister titles depicted, although not explicitly stated.


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