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The Doctor treated Shaggy Rogers after the phantom naval officer case.

Physical appearance

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Daphne Blake tried to trick the doctor with a fake medical ID for Scooby-Doo, but he wasn't fooled by the Photoshop work, but he let him stay anyway, because he is Shaggy's best friend. Even though his friends couldn't get Shaggy to stop screaming, the doctor could "[because] people listen to doctors."


Scooby-Doo! Legend of the Phantosaur

After Shaggy couldn't stop screaming from the case, he was taken to the local hospital's ER. The doctor was in awe that Shaggy had been screaming for three hours, without breathing, wondering if it broke the laws of physics. When Fred Jones asked the doctor to get him to stop, he promptly did. He was momentarily alarmed by Scooby's presence, but let him stay if he didn't break anything, which Scooby agreed to (while hiding a broken glass bowl).

After being told what caused Shaggy's screaming, he revealed his x-rays, and diagnosed that Shaggy had acute threat avoidance hypertrophy disorder. The doctor warned Shaggy against mystery solving and getting into the Mystery Machine, which shocked everyone, except Shaggy.


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