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The Dinkley 2000 is a robot created by Velma Dinkley.

Physical appearance

It has rectangle-shaped body with a pair of robotic tentacles on its sides, the wheels are on the bottom and has an face with sharp teeth.


Being a computer, the Dinkley 2000 is programmed to do whatever commands it's ordered. However it can be easily hacked and therefore can be used for good or evil. The fatal flaw of the Dinkley 2000, is that too much multitasking can cause it to overload.


Bruce Wormsley revealed

Bruce is revealed as the culprit.

A Pup Named Scooby-Doo

Season two

Bruce Wormsley, a classmate of Velma's, used it as a disguise when he got tired of being number two and decided to get Velma in trouble with her own robot.


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