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Dillingsley was a gadget-maker for the British Secret Service.

Physical appearance

Dillingsly is a thin, older caucasian male with grey hair and moustache, black eyes, and wearing glasses.  When not wearing the Minus Suit he wears a suit and tie under his white labcoat.


Dillingsly is a highly intelligent scientist, who can't stand things that appear to be what they are.  He is also resentful that the spies he provides all the gadgets for get all the thrills while he is stuck in the lab, driving him to create the Minus suit and get in on the action - betraying his organisation and co-workers.


Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!

Season two

Dillingsley unmasked

Dillingsley unmasked.

Omelettes Are Forever - Dillingsly was an expert gadget maker, providing spies with items that were not what they seemed. But he secretly resented not being a spy himself, and so constructed the Minus suit allowing him to have adventures as a super spy, but selling out his organisation at the same time. He sold his services to Bubby who had a plan to kill breakfast, but was thwarted by the gang, and spy Jenny Vex.


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