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Diego Fuente was trying to purchase the Villa Bella Hotel owned by Alejo and Luis Otero.

Physical appearance

Diego is a middle-aged Hispanic male. He wears a white jacket covering his orange suit and matching white top hat. He has snow-white hair and mustache.


After Luis and Alejo's father (his old business partner) passed away, he tried numerous times to buy their land, but Alejo and his family (particularly Alejo himself) always refused. He eventually came to respect their decision to not go against their father's wishes.


Scooby-Doo! and the Monster of Mexico

He was a possible suspect to be El Chupacabra, but after the real culprits were caught, he came in and explained that even though he wanted to buy the Otero family's land, he eventually came to respect the fact that they did not want to sell it, and seemed to find it touching that they were so respectful to their father's wishes.

Fuento further explained that after learning of Mr. Smiley and Charlene's plans, he was actually trying to warn the Oteros and Mystery Inc. of what was really going on rather than trying to harm them. The gang and the Otero brothers thanked Diego for trying to help them, and apologized for suspecting him to be El Chupacabra.


In other languages

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Marcin Troński Polish