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This article is about Dick Dastardly from the animated film SCOOB!. For the original incarnation, look here.

Dick Dastardly is a supervillain who wanted to free his dog Muttley from the Underworld, getting rich in the process.

Physical appearance

He is tall, with a wide chest and pasty skin. He has a very pronounced and comedic mustache, which he is apparently very proud of. According to a police report shown in the film, he weighs 295 lbs. and is 6'5" tall.


For the most part, Dastardly is rude, cruel, and egotistical. He often mistreats his minions, the Rottens when they fail him, such as removing one of their heads and replacing it with a dust-filled vacuum cleaner. Dastardly is highly intelligent, being the presumed inventor of the Rottens and his aircraft, the Mean Machine. He was also able to construct a portal to the Underworld and track Scooby-Doo's ancestry to Peritas, despite Peritas having lived hundreds of years ago. He is exceedingly greedy, risking the safety of his dog Muttley to obtain wealth. However, he is incredibly devoted to Muttley, spending a large amount of time trying to free his canine sidekick. Indeed, the only time Dastardly displays any joy or kindness is when he's with Muttley.


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Early life

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  • Dastardly has a similar appearance to Balthazar Bratt from the film Despicable Me 3. Both characters are super villains who want to take over the world, a master of disguise, and kidnapped the main characters, except he has more than one robot sidekick.
  • He also has a resemblance to Waluigi from the Mario franchise (this makes sense since Waluigi, in turn, was designed after Dick Dastardly's original design).