This article is about the monster. For the ride it inspired, see Destroyer (KISS World ride).

The Destroyer was an immensely powerful creature, under the command of the Crimson Witch.

Physical appearance

It was a giant head, with gray skin encased in red armour, and green eyes. Several protrusions stuck out of its armour which it used as weapons.


He only cares about spreading destruction and darkness from across KISSteria and Earth. It also despises all kinds of music.

Powers and abilities

  • Flight
  • Eye beams
  • Missiles: Fired from its armor.


Early life

It was created long ago out of a volcano by the original Crimson Witch as part of her plans to destroy KISSteria. The Warriors of KISSteria forged crystals, and musical energies from them to force the Destroyer back into the volcano and seal it shut.

Scooby-Doo! and KISS: Rock and Roll Mystery

The Crimson Witch returned in the present to steal the Rock of KISSteria (a gem the power crystals combined into), the key that could free it from its prison. She eventually succeeded, but when it followed the gang through the portal to Earth it was destroyed by the musical power of a KISS concert at KISS World.



  • The Destroyer is named after the KISS album Destroyer.
  • He is somewhat a mixture of DC Comics' Darkseid (face) and Marvel Comics' Galactus (armor).
  • In Chikara's book, it looked like a giant eye inside a green diamond shape.