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The Deputy[3] works for the Crystal Cove Police Department.

Physical appearance

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His bravery is questionable, as while the Gluten Demon was on the loose, he'd rather hide.[3]


Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated

Season one

He helped arrest Gator family in Gatorsburg.[4]

He helped arrest Rung Ladderton at City Hall.[5]

He investigated the Man Crab's kidnapping of the volleyball players.[6]

He helped in setting up police lines, blocking off the purported spookafied children.[7]

He helped arrest Daniel Prezette.[8]

He assisted Sheriff Bronson Stone in the arrest of Mrs. Wyatt.[9]

he helped arrest Max and Jax Minner. He had and Deputy Bucky had to break up a fight between the two when they accused each other of meddling.[10]

He helped arrest Argus Fentonpoof.[1]

Season two

Just as Sheriff Bronson Stone denied the existence of the Horrible Herd, the Deputy warned him the an attack on the town by the aformentioned herd.[2]

He was found in a bad shape at the back of the Dinkleys' coffee shop at the Crystal Cove Spook Museum. He was told to secure the crime scene after the Gluten Demon attacked the shop and ate all the biscotti cakes and cookies. He told Velma that her mom had been taken home. He then wanted to go hide in the back, if he wasn't needed anymore.[3]

He helped arrest the librarian.[11]



  • He was credited as "Policeman" in Nightfright.


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