The Demons(also known as Humanoid Dog Monsters) were an ancient race of creatures who inhabited the island that would become the theme park Spooky Island. They came under the control of Scrappy-Doo through the Daemon Ritus, who sought to use the creatures to get revenge on Mystery Incorporated and conquer the world. The Demons disintegrated when exposed to sunlight, and thus used human bodies for protection.

Physical appearance

They appeared as nine feet violet mammal-being, dog-like reptilian monsters, with green eyes.


Like any monster, the Demons were easily duped and used brute strength to get things done. They served Scrappy-Doo loyally, even attending training sessions on learning how to behave like a teenager (with out-of-date lingo). They didn't attack any of the employees allied with Scrappy, showing they know who's on their side.

Powers and abilities

The Demons were quite resilient, able to take punishment without much complaint. Their green, fog-like breath could knock out victims for possession. They had the ability to possess humans, but only after their souls had been removed, however, as a result, they would not have access to the host's memory unless informed of it.


Early life

The Demons once populated the lands which would become Spooky Island hundreds of years later.

Scooby-Doo: The Movie

Corrupted by the power of a pyramid-shaped artifact known as the Dameon Ritus, Scrappy-Doo took control of the Demons to conquer the world. He created a mechanical version of Spooky Island's creator and owner, and arranged for Mystery Inc. to be brought there.

However, Mystery Inc. discovered the Demons' weakness, and used a skeleton head disco ball to reflect sunlight, destroying the Demons after everyone's souls returned to their bodies after popping out of the human bodies. Scrappy was defeated shortly after.



  • Their origin is never completely revealed.
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